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Survey for the National Cancer Transformation Board cancer strategy

John Reeve
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17 Jun 2016

Take a look at my summary of the new cancer strategy, why it's so important to discuss it, and let me know your feedback using the survey below.

Hi, I’m a patient representative on the National Cancer Advisory Group. Our role is to provide scrutiny, challenge and advice to the National Cancer Transformation Board which is charged with implementing and delivering the cancer strategy – Achieving World Class Outcomes, A Strategy for England 2015-20.

So I’m keen to get feedback from cancer patients including those people who have completed their treatment and are cancer survivors, as well as family members and hope to establish a channel for dialogue about the cancer strategy over the next 4 years so that you can have a voice for your comments, share your experience and put forward your ideas to make things better.

What’s all this about a new strategy for cancer?

To begin with here’s a brief summary of the strategy which was published in the summer of 2015. There are six priorities:

1. Prevention and Public Health – particularly targeting lifestyle factors like obesity, smoking, alcohol & aiming to increase exercise levels

2. Earlier diagnosis – key to saving lives. One change is a new target of four weeks from referral to cancer being diagnosed or ruled out

3. Patient Experience – to be on a par with clinical outcomes. New measure being introduced and access to key worker highlighted

4. Living with and beyond cancer – recovery package accessible to all and a new measure to look at quality of life after treatment

5. Modernise Cancer Services – upgrading radiotherapy machines, focus on cancer drugs and molecular diagnostics; workforce issues

6. Commissioning, accountability and provision – put simply, the mechanisms for making all of the above a reality!

Starters for 10

It would be really useful if you are able to take a few moments to fill in this short survey about your understanding of the cancer strategy, and how we can improve this for blood cancer patients in the future.

Take survey

About me

Since the death of our younger son, Tim, from acute leukaemia ten years ago at the age of 23, I’ve become very involved in trying to help young people with blood cancers and more later, all cancer patients. As well as becoming a trustee at Bloodwise, the UK’s leading blood cancer charity, I’ve carried out the role of patient representative on a number of national committees including the Clinical Studies Group that oversees all haematology clinical trials in the UK.

With this background, I applied for and was appointed as one of two patient representatives on the National Cancer Advisory Group in March 2016. I live near Maldon in Essex and work part-time as a leadership coach.

Thank you for your feedback. Please complete the survey or send your responses to



Hi John

I filled in the survey and hope it is of use. Thank you for taking on this huge task, and if I can be of further help please get in touch. My blogs are on the Bloodwise site, and I am a Bloodwise ambassador. I was 51 when my HL was diagnosed, and I had symptoms for nearly a year before diagnosis. Best wishes, Louise Smith

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