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Survivor twice now

Emma P
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17 Dec 2017

Survivor of ALL and now a Brain Tumour too!

I have worked as a paediatric nurse for over 15yrs. I have had lots of health issues most of my life. 2014 I was sent by my ENT doc for a sinus scan CT as i have nose problems. Not long after it was taken i was called back to see him. I was thankful after my brother and Sister in law were with me. He then explained that a black mass had been seen at the back of my head on my scan and he was referring me for an MRI scan asap at Southampton General Hospital.

Having worked as a nurse i have cared and nursed children with many cancers including blood and brain ones. I already had an idea what maybe found.

After MRI i was referred to see a Neuro Surgeon. He informed us that i had what he believed a Meningioma- Brain Tumour. He felt it would be benign but would know more if i choose surgery and a biopsy taken. I talked through all my options carefully. I chose surgery as i felt it should not be in my head and i did not want it to cause me problems in the future.

I had my surgery April 2014 and results came back it was benign luckily. He also said that they could not get it all as bit v close to artery so left it. He was convinced Radiotherapy i had as a child 9 doses to my head was to blame for my tumour.

It has been a very tough recovery and i have alot of post operative side effects/problems since my surgery many ongoing.

My family and friends have been great. It has been very tough on them all too. I am lucky to have such great support and understanding family and friends.

Three charities have also been amazing support too are The Brain Tumour Charity, Headway and Brainstrust.

I have been able to meet with others that have tumours and leukaemia as a kid and it has helped me not feel alone. I regularly chat online groups too which has been of much support. Meningioma uk and The Brain Tumour Charity.

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