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Suzanne Beattie

Suzanne Beattie – Your New Healthcare Professional Liaison Officer

Suzanne Beattie
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Suzanne Beattie
28 Feb 2014

Supporting haemato-oncology nurses in their roles and also in providing the best possible support, care and information for those affected by blood cancer.

What’s your role?

I’m the new Patient Experience and Healthcare Professional Liaison Officer at Bloodwise and my role is to provide support and information for haemato-oncology healthcare professionals, as well as for anyone affected by blood cancer.

It’s also my responsibility to promote our events/conferences, services and resources to haemato-oncology healthcare teams across the country to raise awareness and expand our reach to patients. Additionally, I encourage the haemato-oncology nurses in these teams to join our Bloodwise Nurses Network, which gives them access to all the latest updates from Bloodwise, including support resources and information on upcoming events.


How do you support haemato-oncology nurses?

I support members of the Nurses Network, other haemato-oncology nurses and other healthcare professionals by making contact regularly to give updates on Bloodwise services and resources, to gather feedback and ideas, and to invite nursing teams to upcoming events and conferences which may be valuable to them. I offer information on various services and resources such as our information booklets and patient support services, as well as access to the closed nurses Facebook group and the monthly newsletter.

I’m also planning this year to visit as many haemato-oncology teams across the country as possible, to promote our services further, to demonstrate the support services we are launching this year, and to hear any thoughts and ideas on how Bloodwise can best work with nursing teams to support their work and patient care. 


How do you support patients?

I support patients, as well as anyone else affected by blood cancer, on the Freephone Support Line (0800 2080 888), by giving out basic information, signposting to services and helping them talk through any worries or questions that they might have. I also provide support via email (, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


What resources/services do you have available for nurses and patients at the moment?

For haemato-oncology healthcare professionals:

·         The Nurses Network

·         Conferences and events

·         The monthly Haemato-Oncology Nursing Bulletin

·         The Bloodwise Nurses Facebook Group

·         Information booklets and folders for patients

·         Blood Cancer Connect (coming soon)

·         E-Learning for haematology healthcare professionals (coming soon)

For patients and anyone else affected by blood cancer:

·         The Bloodwise Support Line (0808 2080 888)

·         The Bloodwise Support Email (

·         The Bloodwise Facebook Page

·         Blood Cancer Connect (coming soon)

·         Patient Voices; A section on our website where patients can write blogs about their experience           with blood cancer

·         The opportunity to become a Bloodwise Ambassador

·         Information booklets and folders

·         Information on our website



If anyone would like any more information on any of the information above, or if you would like to organise a visit from Bloodwise, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0207 269 9015 or at

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