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06 Jul 2015

This blog is for runners, cyclists and those recovering from knee operations!!



Friday 3rd July

Boom.......I am back into the world of's only taken me 9 weeks and this week I have done a total of  2 runs and a total mileage of 4.37. Before the knee operation I would have done that in one run, but hey, it's a start. James, my physio said that I needed to do 3 runs a week, however with swimming and cycling to also fit in, I only managed 2 starting on Tuesday 1.37 miles and then Thursday 2 miles. I have to say it's been great getting out and doing a proper outside run after so long, although it feels strange. It's like my head can remember what to do, however my legs have forgotten. My pace is slower than before, with Tuesday being around 9 minute mileing and Thursday 8.28. It's all good progress though and soon I will be racing round.....I hope!!

I have had a very active week though, with one day being a duathlon day.....cycling and swimming....and another day being a triathlon day.......running, cycling and swimming!! Nothing like going for it and pushing yourself. I still blame James Cracknell...."make your average better than everyone else's best"!!

I got my start number and wave through from the Prudential Ride 100 on August 2nd.....start time!!! The nearest I think I can park is at the O2 and cycle to the start, but based on the start time I can forget about a relaxing nights sleep the night before.....might as well start cycling up the night before!! Added to this, I was hoping to cycle it with my brother only to discover his start time is 1hr 30 minutes after mine!!! He did suggest I swap and catch him up, but I think Sir Brad might struggle to make up that difference........he probably would still do it though. I phoned up a super helpful lady on the help desk to ask if I could have my wave moved to be with my brother....."No" she replied....."Oh well it's just that we are travelling up together and wanted to ride it with each other" I explained......"look, it's taken months to organise and you can't move start times, and that's it" she replied.....well thanks for nothing.....not only do I have to start in the middle of the night but I can ride it as part of team Lawrence now......thanks Prudential!!

As it was Friday it was my weekly appointment with James the physio. He informed me he had read my blog, which probably wasn't a good thing as it probably made up his mind to give me harder and more exercises to make me look stupid. He said to maintain 3 runs a week and too not push the pace much, but he was pleased with progress, and even gave me a balancing exercise on two separate balance foot on each. I could barely stand up let alone what James asked me to do next……just do some squats he said……well OK, if I could master the balancing first then maybe I could then think of doing some squats, but first things first!! Anyway, James tested my strength and was happy with how my leg had progressed in terms of strength.

I finished my physio and had decided to take a day off, so off I went for a 50 mile cycle ride and this time I tackled the legendary (In cycling terms) Box Hill near Dorking. I have to say that whilst it is quite a long hill, it wasn't a daunting hill. It was funny though how there was just a constant stream of cyclists all pushing themselves to get to the top so that they could claim……like I now can…..that we had ridden the same route as all those Olympic heroes in the past. The picture below is proof that I made it…..I was going to tackle Leith Hill too but it was being resurfaced…..another day then :-)


In terms of my fundraising for Leukaemia and Lymphoma, I am now over £100 thanks to peoples generosity. To those who have already sponsored me, your support is very much appreciated and the money will make a big difference.  I enclose the link below should you want to support.

A weekend ahead of 50th parties…..not mine…..and netball tournaments……not me playing… my daughter. Till next week.

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