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Target Reached!

Kate W
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01 Jul 2014

WOW. I'm so elated to have met my £500 target nearly three months before the bikeathon! I am so lucky to have such generous family, colleagues and friends. I almost wished I set a higher target, but I really did not think anything more than £500 would be possible, so thank you very, very much to everyone who has sponsored me already, you are all absolute champions. 

Now, if there are any of you reading this who have not sponsored me, first off, thanks for reading! And secondly, you should not feel obliged to donate, but I really hope you would still like to, even though I have already met my target. What are targets there for, after all, if not to be smashed? Any donation from you will still go to helping fund research into blood cancer, so it is just as important and gratefully received as the first donations that came through.




Congratulations on reaching your original target so quickly Kate! Loving the fact that you're not going to stop there, too, and look to smash it! Fundraisers like you are the reason that people like me are still here and every pound you raise will make an enormous difference to the lives of patients.

To give you some kind of perspective, you've already paid for nurses needed for 10 blood cancer patients to partcipate in one of our clinical trials. Terrific effort!

Hope the training is going well and wish you all the best with the remainder of your fundraising!

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