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Team Browne Jacobson's busy spring

Emma R
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07 Jun 2013

It's been a while since Team Browne Jacobson has blogged so we've got a lot to say in this up-date!

We've had a busy two months in April and May running the following events (...take a deep breath!):

  • a Band Night;
  • a Quiz Night (one in Nottingham and one in Birmingham);
  • a Cake Sale
  • a Charity Collection at Morrisons; and
  • our Charity Burger sales are ongoing!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone that has supported us in making these events a success, in particular all of the performers at the Band Night who donated their time for free; students and staff of law schools in Nottingham and Birmingham who competed against each other to be named the Quiz Champion; the bakers (and buyers!) of Browne Jacobson; Morrisons and of course Annie's Burger Shack.

The team has worked hard to maintain regular, clear communication with each other to diligently plan each event. This is not always easy as the team is split between two cities so the leaders in May and June ensured that tasks were split between the team and where work commitments took priority the team pulled together to ensure key deadlines were met. We also prepared for and recorded our submission for the mooting challenge. Led by Dave, we researched and summarised our main arguments and agreed with the firm's marketing team to use the media suite at our Nottingham office. This task prompted some interesting discussions amongst the team and introduced Dave to a possible back-up career as a producer!

Our next big event is the Midsummer Night's Dinner this Friday. Whilst planning and holding all of the above events, the team has used all resources at their disposal to create an innovative and unique event to raise money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Team members have used their negotiating skills to ensure that the costs for the dinner are as low and risk-free as possible whilst still maintaining the quality and credibility of the event. Tickets have been bought, food has been ordered and surprise entertainment is waiting in the wings!

In the words of Shakespeare "The course of true love never did run smooth" but we're sure our dinner will!

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