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Ten ways to boost your fundraising

Andy Jackson
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05 Jul 2013

Regardless of the challenge, raising money to help beat blood cancer is one of the primary objectives. However, if personal experience is anything to go by, the fundraising element can often prove more difficult than the challenge itself. With that in mind, here are our 10 ways you might want to try out to help boost your fundraising:

1.  Go collecting

Bucket collections are a great way of bolstering the coffers. A couple of hours standing outside your local supermarket or shopping mall on a Saturday morning can raise you hundreds of pounds - especially if you dress up and get a few friends to help out! Supermarkets and local councils can get funny about you collecting without consulting them first so make sure you get permission well in advance of your collection. 


2. Wear a costume

Whether it's The Incredible Hulk or a panda onesie, dressing up in a costume to do your fundraising challenge is a sure fire way to boost sponsorship. The only problem is that it will add to the difficulty of your challenge!


3.  Hold a fundraising event

Fundraising events are another great way to boost funds as people love partcipating! They're also a lot of fun and a great way for you to spread awareness of the charity. From cake sales to quiz nights we've got a whole host of fundraising ideas for you to try here.


4. Set up an online fundraising page

In this day and age, having an online fundraising page is an absolute must. There are plenty out there to choose from allowing you to do pretty much anything from posting pictures to adding a fundraising target and sending out updates to your friends and family. With PLEDGEit, 100% of the money raised will come to us.

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5. Ask your boss about matched giving

Matched giving or matched funding is a fantastic way of maximising your fundraising effort at no extra cost to you. If your company participates in the scheme, it will pledge a sum of money relating to the amount that you have raised for the charity. Some companies match what you raise on a £ for £ basis, others will provide a lump sum. Even if they don't participate, it's free to ask!


6. Put large donations first

People are much more likely to be generous when it comes to donating if they see large donations already on the sponsorship form. With that in mind, make sure you approach those that you know are likely to give generously like family members first. 


7. Write a blog

Keeping people updated of the effort you are putting in to your training and fundraising will increase their inclination to want to sponsor you. It shows them how seriously you are taking the challenge and provides them with a crafty reminder that they need to sponsor you without you having asking them directly. 


8. Put up posters in your local area

As with bucket collecting, you'll be amazed how effective putting up a few posters and flyers locally can actually be. We've got loads of templates to help get you started whilst your local branch can also help you with the distribution.

Find out more about ways we can help.


9. Set a fundraising target

Setting a fundraising target helps you focus on what you're trying to achieve and makes people you're approaching that little bit more likely to donate a couple of extra pounds as they're helping you to reach your goal.


10. Use Gift Aid

Gift Aid is government's way of giving back to the charitable sector. For each £10 donation made through Gift Aid, government provides an additional £2.50. Gift Aid is offered automatically as an option for donors online but claiming it for cheque and cash donation is also really simple, all you have to do is make sure that you get the full name and address for all your sponsors along with confirmation that they want to claim Gift Aid.

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