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Ellie Dawes

Ten ways to stop your mates complaining about the heat

Ellie Dawes
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Ellie Dawes
23 Jul 2013

We’ve all had our Facebook feeds clogged up for weeks now with friends moaning and complaining about the heat. If you’ve got a mate you want to say "shut up whinging, it’s summer" to - I have some tips for you to share with them to help them cool down.

Even better, if your friend isn’t taking the advice you can drive home the message with a Pledgeit challenge, and raise some cash to help us beat blood cancer in the process.

A cool bath

Stay cool advice: Have a cool shower or bath to lower your body temperature. This will have the added advantage of making you less smelly.

Pledgeit: Challenge your friend to sit in a ice bath (water and ice) for ten minutes. They won’t be complaining about the heat after that. And even if they are, their hands will certainly be too numb for them to type a Facebook status about it.


Eat hot food

Stay cool advice: Eat spicy food. Yes it sounds crazy, but scientists reckon that eating a hot curry will get your body’s cooling system into gear and cool you down. Make you sweat, basically.

Pledgeit: Challenge your friend to eat a super-hot chilli. They’ll thank you for it afterwards. Probably. After they've has a big long drink and their eyes have stopped running.


Go nude when possible

Stay cool advice: If possible, wear fewer clothes.

Pledgeit: Challenge your mate to go skinny dipping. It’ll be funny and they’ll definitely feel cooler.

Focus your mind on the cold

Stay cool advice: Think cool thoughts. Thinking and looking at cool things makes you imagine you are cooler. Close your eyes and visualise a blizzard. See? You're feeling positively chilly already!

Pledgeit: Challenge your friend to carve an ice sculpture of a penguin.

We all scream for ice-cream

Stay cool advice: Eat ice-cream. I don't know how the science tallies with this because it seems to contradict the 'eat hot food advice' but people have been scoffing ice-cream when it's hot for centuries and it's never done them any harm. Plus it's delicious.

Pledgeit: Challenge your friend to make homemade ice-cream for everyone. They learn a new skill, you all get ice-cream. Double win.


Think about something else

Stay cool advice: Stay indoors and distract yourself from the heat by doing something other than moaning about it on Facebook.

Pledgeit: Challenge your friend to perform Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice ice baby’ at karaoke and watch them rock the mic like a vandal.


Keep your head and neck cool

Stay cool advice: Keep the back of your neck cool by tying your hair up and dampening your neck with a cloth.

Pledgeit: Easily the best way to do this is to challenge your friend to shave their head. Think how cool they will be without that mane of hair keeping their bonce warm. Go on, these guys did it.


Dress appropriately

Stay cool advice: Wear appropriate clothing; think light cottons and floaty fabrics.

Pledgeit: Get a male friend to wear some more chilled out clothing by challenging them to wear a tutu for a week. Ever heard a ballerina complaining about the heat? Me neither.


Stay hydrated

Stay cool advice: Drink plenty of fluids.

Pledgeit: The Banana Sprite challenge is an excellent way to rehydrate a friend - challenge them to eat two bananas and drink a litre of Sprite. Only downside is that it does usually make you sick. One brave pledgend already attempted this challenge this week, see how he got on here.


Go somewhere cool

Stay cool advice: Give yourself a break, go somewhere cold like a basement or a bar with air conditioning.

Pledgeit: Take this to the extreme, challenge your friend to run in the world’s coldest marathon at the North Pole! It’ll be tough, it’ll be life-changing and they certainly won’t be complaining about the heat again when they get back. Find out more about this crazy marathon at www.npmarathon.com.


What's Pledgeit?

Pledgeit is Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research's very own online fundraising platform that we built ourselves. You can use it to raise money by challenging a friend or by creating a challenge for yourself, and encouraging others to pledge. Visit Pledgeit.org.uk to find out more about how it works and create your own challenges.