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Thank you for everything you do

Cathy Gilman
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26 Feb 2016

As you’d expect from a charity dedicated to beating blood cancer, it’s full of stories about the many different ways we’re saving and improving the lives of patients together.

Some things will, I hope, be reassuringly familiar to you. For example our investment of almost £10 million into research to beat the most common adult blood cancer, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia – which means we can genuinely see the day when we’ll have controlled and effectively cured the disease, thanks to some of the world’s best scientists and clinicians here in the UK.

It’s full of personal stories too. Our cover photo features two-year-old Alfie Andrews who had a special day playing with paint and having fun with his mum and dad, Chris and Lizzie, and some new friends. Chris is just coming to the end of treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, so it was an important opportunity for the family to meet other people and share their experiences and make a lot of mess too!

We’ve also been doing some new things which are really important to help improve the experience of patients. From offering a new Support Line to representing the voices of patients in influencing decisions about access to drugs, we’re here to ensure that the unique needs of blood cancer patients are met.

So you might ask why we called the newsletter Be? It comes from ‘be Bloodwise’ – to me that means, everyone being wise about their blood. We need people to be aware of blood cancers; be aware of the symptoms and to know that there are organisations like Bloodwise that are here to help. Being Bloodwise can help with faster diagnosis and better experience through treatment – and sometimes may even help to save a life. So please, if you can, be Bloodwise and help us spread awareness of blood cancer.

You can see much more of what being Bloodwise means to different people in these different blogs.

Everything we achieve is only possible because of your support. Thank you so much – it really is appreciated.

With best wishes,

Cathy Gilman
Chief Executive

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