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That's a wrap!

Andy J
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19 Mar 2015

On Monday Dad and I headed to Bristol to put our non-existent acting skills in to practice as extras for a genuine movie in production to tick another 30 before 30 challenge off the list.

Starting at 7.30 with a trip to the canteen bus for an emergency bacon sandwich (or full English in the case of my Dad) it was a long, long day and far from glamorous with LOTS of waiting round between takes. However, it was also really good fun when the cameras were rolling and the atmosphere was remarkably laid back. I'd envisaged a really pushy director barking orders from a chair and lots of really self-involved actors but it really was nothing like that at all. In fact everyone was remarkably normal and were really supportive about the challenge.

Sadly I wasn't allowed to take many pictures on set and I'm embargoed from revealing much about the film or the actors involved but what I can say is that the movie is called Golden Years and will feature me and my Dad being held up by a pair of bank robbers disguised as OAPs. I thought we pulled it off cowering away in the corner and later giving statements to the police quite well but I'll let you be the judges of that when the movie comes out later this year! In the meantime, here are a few more photos to give you a general idea of what a day in the life of a movie extra is like!

I've now completed 13 of the challenges so I'm still not even half way but I'm looking to keep the momentum up and get a few more ticked off the list in the next few weeks starting with learning to say hello in 10 languages. Watch this space!

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 This is so cool Andy. I especially like how they have turned a normal everyday bus into a canteen.


Look forward to seeing you on the big screen.


we need to get you on stage with my am dram group!