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There And Back Again - A Numb-Nuts Tale

Graham James
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24 Sep 2014

What are we going to do now?

Firstly may I thank two more colleagues at work, Malcolm Cheshire and Sue Delaney, for sponsoring me this week. Having done the ride last Sunday they are likely to be my last sponsors but a big thank you to the two of you.

So yes dear sponsors, I have finally undertaken my part of the bargain and completed the Birmingham Bikeathon. This was accomplished at my usual cycling speed (slow to very slow) and with my usual panache, meaning I didn't fall off.

The course was 102 miles over the beautiful yet mountainous countryside of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire, and after setting off at 8am I returned to Centenary Square at 5:45pm just as they were packing up. Not having seen any other riders for some time I naturally thought I was in the lead but the only person who followed me in was an old dear who everyone thought had called in to collect her pension. I think she only finished behind me because she stopped for a chat with her friends from the Women's Institute in Chipping Campden. Anyway, I wasn't last.

Not that it matters, what matters is that you have contributed to a total so far of £1,115 (including Gift Aid), which I think is pretty fantastic. Thank you so very much for sponsoring me and for all your encouragement and support, it really is appreciated and it's absolutely true to say that I couldn't have done it without such great support - thank you.

By the way and a reminder of what this was all about - following her second operation Chris starts her six months of chemotherapy soon coupled with a 12 month course of Herceptin. The chemotherapy will be followed by a course of radiotherapy and possibly re-constructive surgery further down the line. Crucially Chris and her doctors at the QE are totally positive about all this but there's no denying that it will be tough on her. She has received great support from everone especially Philip and Emma but she has been really lifted by this Bikeathon event and all your support and generosity. I really can't thank you all enough.

Kind regards and take care,

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