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Three Challenges - One Goal: Beat Blood Cancer

Kathrin K
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06 May 2014

What a relief - Pop is back home, resting and recovering after his stem cell transplant. Apart from some severe side effects, there were no complications. After nearly six months of continuous treatment, today is one of the first days without a trip to the clinic, no drips, no chemo. It’s a good day for all of us, especially obviously of him. And, it’s a good day to start our fundraising - three challenges, one goal. I’m slightly apprehensive of what’s to come. Cycling 80km in one go seems like a crazy idea, but doing it twice and then 150km. Ugh. Ever positive, Bernie thinks it’s totally doable. And he is right: what are four hours in the saddle compared to four hours on a drip of chemo? Kind of puts things in perspective... Over the next few months, I’ll be blogging about our fundraising journey (and our sore bottoms). I’ll do my best to post regular updates, so do come back soon for news!

Remember - together we can beat blood cancer. Three challenges. One goal.



Great to hear your Dad is out of hospital after his stem cell transpant and recovering after all his treatment. What you're doing is fantastic and you've clearly got what it takes to do it as you have a very powerful motivation behind it all.

Keep up the training and do let us know how you and your Dad are getting on - it's always good to read the updates.

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