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Three months later...

Melody Berthoud
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20 May 2016

Andrew had Leukaemia and finished treatment on 2oth February 2016.

Today is the 20th May 2016. It has been 3 months today since Andrew's last chemo.

 For the past three months I have not have to:

put up with 3 steroid weeks
Clean up sick
Complete a sticker book
Play on the wii u
Listen to Andrew complain that his legs ache
Be woken up at silly a clock regularly
Take Andrew's temperature
Count to 10 and walk away
Sleep on Andrew's bedroom floor
Accompany Andrew for a General Anaesthetic
Go to work on 4 hours sleep
Count up beads/Thread on beads
Force Andrew to go to school
Cook an unappreciated meal
Waste food
Deal with a tantrum
Wake Andrew in the middle of his night for chemo
Cancel a meeting due to a hospital stay

Today is one day further away from the sadness and trauma we lived through.

Life is good.


Eleanor Baggley

Your blogs are so wonderful and honest, Melody. They give such a true picture of what life is like in such difficult situations and I know that is appreciated by those who read them. Thank you. Best wishes, Eleanor

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