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Three Weeks!

Johnny W
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01 Apr 2014

21 days… OH GOD!

So, here we are three weeks (Eek!) from our Grand Depart.

On Day 1 we are going to cycle 80 miles (unless we get lost) from London to Harwich. It's considerably further than I've cycled before, and is going to be a tough and gruelling day. I'm not going to pretend that in training I've got anywhere near 80 miles!

I've ridden with a few of the chaps in our peloton; Rob & I completed a 52 mile bikeathon two years ago, with Lewis I have mostly got lost along the river to Wandsworth, Pete & I discovered some brilliant parts of extremely muddy southeast London together, and with Ian I found out exactly how many insane cyclists hit Richmond Park on a Sunday morning (Lots.)

We're not in this for the competition, just for the challenge; and obviously to reach my stag do in Amsterdam, but we're not worrying about speed at all. As long as we all make it, and get across to Holland, it's a massive success. Its an extremely exciting venture!

Thanks to all of you who've supported us so far; we're genuinely touched and it really will help! And if you've not yet clicked that big DONATE button, well now is a perfect time! Do it! Go on, just a fiver.... or if you're flushed, just £500...

Thanks for reading, and I'll try to write again with more details of how it all slots together, and how the chaps are getting on!

Johnny x

PS - A little cheeky thanks to my fiancee who now not only has to put up with me being at work when she's not & going to football matches left right and centre, but disappearing off on a Sunday morning for a little ride!




Johnny, this challenge sounds completely nuts but so, so much fun! Good luck with the remainder of the training and do keep in touch as we'd love to know how you get on. What you're doing is fantastic and will make an enormous difference to the lives of blood cancer patients. Thank you! Andy

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