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Thrill seekers!

Rachael Davies
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06 Jul 2015

28 supporters zip slide off Newport Transporter Bridge!

When the weather forecast for Saturday showed thunder and lightning I have to say I did have a little panic that 28 of our supporters were going to be climbing up Newport Transporter Bridge (which is 242ft tall above road level) to then launch themselves off on a flimsy wire! When Claire and I first got there to set up our stand the sky was black but the people from Zip Slides UK didn’t seem at all worried.

When our thrill seekers started arriving the sky turned from black to blue and the sun came out! First to arrive were friends Christine, Sian and Luan, all looking a bit nervous but eager and excited at the same time! Then Mandy and Bruce from Gwent Branch arrived along with their daughter Amelia. Mandy was ready for the challenge but Bruce was keeping his feet firmly on the ground. Amelia jumped at the chance to take the place of someone who couldn’t attend and after a quick swap of clothes with Claire (we really didn’t think her lovely summer dress was the right gear to wear!) she was raring to go. Next to arrive en mass were Team Haem – a group of researchers from Cardiff University Haematology Department – who all watched in anticipation as the wire was tested with what looked like a few large bricks! As the first group of people made their way to the bridge to climb the 11 flights of stairs, nerves started to set in for those waiting to be kitted out. Team Haem took young supporter Amy under their wing as they set off for their turn.

Supporter Maggie was raring to go and had a huge smile on her face at the start and the end of the zip slide so I can safely say she really enjoyed it! When my husband turned up for his slot he was very excited but my eldest daughter was not happy, she really didn’t want him to ‘jump off the bridge’ in case he hurt himself. My younger daughter wasn’t bothered at all! The relief on eldest daughters face when he arrived safely back on firm ground was clear, that was until her daddy said he wanted to do it again…

Once all the morning zip sliders had their turn there was a bit of a lull, (apart from the excitement that ensued when our gazebo nearly took off in the wind!) until the afternoon crowd turned up including our very own blogger, Kate Giles, who brought along a support team with her! Kate’s face really was a picture when she was kitted out ready to go; she was definitely the most nervous person I saw all day. Off she went with friends Jane and Zoe (Zoe recently completed a Machu Picchu trek for us and raised over £5000! Thank you Zoe!) to take their turn. We certainly heard Kate before we saw her and I don’t think she’ll ever do anything like this again.

Also sliding in the afternoon were friends Matt, Samuel and Kyle; Patrick and Andrew from our local Wickes store and mother and daughter team Sali and Eleri.  I’m not sure that Sali enjoyed it as much as Eleri but she still felt very proud that she had done it. And then last but not least was Suzi who loved it!

A big thank you to everyone for taking part and raising awareness of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and of course vital funds for us to continue our work.

What terrifying activity can we come up with next in Wales I wonder?



Great blog Rachael ! It was a really good day - everyone I spoke to really enjoyed themselves & I'm not the slightest bit surprised to find out that I was the most nervous person on the day ..... How much did we raise in the end? My personal amount is now over £500 which I'm delighted about! xx


That's excellent Kate - well done! The money is still coming in, I'll do a count up at the beginnign of next week ad will let you know, it's definitely way over £2000 though. x

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