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Tien's Bikeathon Blog Entry - Week 2

Tien Ngo
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23 Jul 2015

So training has ramped up with everyone in the team and it seems that everyone has taken this much more seriously than first expected.
The Debster making sure she beat my week’s mileage by 1 mile… and the Wild one beating my top speed by 0.2mph… has left me wanting to cry! However training has become exciting because of it.
(The charts are announced every week on the blog)

Now one thing I have learnt over the last 2 weeks of training is that my body is nowhere near what I would like it to be, having issues with cramp etc... :(

Improvement will obviously come with practice, but I wanted to do more to ensure I’m getting the most out of training, so being the (very manly) person I am, instead of increasing the practice, I resorted to food!
Pasta is my pre ride meal, Red bull before I go, sweets for when I’m feeling tired, energy gels for carbs, Tums, yes Tums... to remove cramp (which work great by the way), and something fatty for the meal after (I tell myself it’s to replace the calories I’ve lost).

Week 3 focuses on my bike... I found out my gears are not working properly, the frame still has rust, the tyres required an extra 5 PSI; and when I go downhill I still feel like there is a chance that it will randomly disintegrate from under my swollen B**** from where they’ve been squashed for too long. However I’m hoping with a few tweaks, including my seating position, I can improve the efficiency.

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