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Tien's Bikeathon Blog Entry - Week 3

Tien Ngo
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27 Jul 2015

5 little ducks went swimming one day over the hills and far away...
If you are a parent then you should be familiar with this nursery rhyme. This is also the song I sing when climbing and steep hills to keep cycling pace, it actually seems to help…

With a spoonful of sugar makes my cycling go POW! (My remix when shoving my gob with fruit pastels) Sugar I found out is good for bursts but only in small doses, I defiantly shout at cars and abuse myself less when training with reduced sugars.
I actually found myself talking complete gibberish when I’m full of sugars, but the worst thing about sugar is it seems to tire my muscles after time so I’ve been upping my carb content through plenty of pasta which seems to have a larger effect than I thought it would.

It may seem like I’m taking this quite seriously, but doing an event as a group really does make it less of a chore and provides a unlimited amount of motivation… and of course the thought of beating my colleagues :)

Highly recommended to go out and do something as a group; and if you are not “doing” then donating is just as great, so get those pennies out people!

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