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Tien's Blog - Training Summary

Tien Ngo
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11 Aug 2015

Although the London Bikeathon is not a race, 52 miles is a long distance for 3 (very different) riders to stick together the whole way, so I would guess we will separate at some stage.
I think that a lot of us are curious if we would be able to keep up with each other or if someone would speed off; so I thought I would give a (very rough) analytical view of what we could expect during the day based on the training stats.


In training the person who set the highest average speed across the training was Debbie (as expected).

Debbie did do a bit of indoor training which doesn't including stopping for traffic etc.. so that may drop the average speed on the day (I hope).

Debbie's strength is going to be sustaining consistent speed, but the question is how fast is that speed?


Jamie generally has the most improved average speed across the training over the weeks, so in theory we may see good speed at the beginning (and potentially zoom off).

He has also however clocked the lowest mileage of us 3, so the question is if he will be able to sustain the speed across the 52 miles?

With myself; I have the lowest average speed of the 3 of us, so I would imagine I may be chasing the other 2 the most of the way.

However I have clocked the most mileage with good bursts of top speed.
With the event finishing in the centre of London, the traffic may work in my favour... Maybe?


All very different approaches to the event so it will be an interesting how it pans out.

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