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Time goes by....

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07 Jul 2015

So our lives changed once again - this time adjusting to a new baby - me telling St.John he didn't know what it was like to be ill and tierd!!! (ha ha)... Chloe became our world - St.John contuined to improve - with twice yearly check ups - it was hard not to panic if he became ill (which wasnt often)

As Chloe grew she became a little character - very loud at home - very quiet out of the house.

When she turn two we started to think about maybe adding to our family - but all the thoughts - were we really really lucky having Chloe - could we have another child? only one was to find out...



I think it's absolutely fantastic that you were able to have a child after St. John's treatment - you both deserved it after everything that you'd been through together.

Sadly not everyone is so fortunate due to the high risks attached to treatment. We're doing everything we can to make treatments less toxic and reduce the risks of long-term side effects such as infertility and will not stop until we've beaten blood cancer for good.

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