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This time it's personal!

Gerd E
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25 Mar 2015

Last year I had to pull out of the Birmingham Bikeathon half way as I was riding with a slipped disc. This time I WILL finish!

Last year I entered the inaugral Birmingham Bikeathon and began training for the 100 miles.  Sadly, 6 weeks before I slipped a disc in my neck, I still attempted the 100 miles (foolish in hindsight) but had to pull out half way as the pain was unbearable!  I still managed to raise over £2500 for the charity which is close to my heart as my wife went through 2 years of fighting AML before finally having a transplant.

This time, I am determined to finish the whole event!



HI Gerd,

It's great to have you on board again for this year's Bikeathon. I've got absolutely no doubt that you'll get round - the fact that you got halfway round last year despite the slipped disc is evidence of that!

Good luck with the training and thanks for everything that you're doing to help us beat blood cancer. I hope that your wife is well? 

Stay in touch and thanks again - together we will beat blood cancer!