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This time last week

Moss J
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18 Apr 2015

7.05pm. This time last week I had just arrived at my bosses 60th birthday party. I'd  left my beautiful girls aged 3 and 8 months in the care of their Nana and, other than recovering from flu and feeling grotty, life was good. 

Late that night the phone call came from the hospital 'you need to come into hospital now following your blood tests today.' But I was just a bit anaemic, right? 

Fast forward a week and here I am, acute myeloid leukaemia patient. Day 3 of chemo. I've seen my girls once in a week and it breaks my heart but I have to get better for them, my insopiration. Xxx



So sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, Josephine. Diagnosis is an understandably difficult time with so much to get your head round and in your case you must be extremely worried for your daughters. It can all feel a little overwhelming and emotions can get really confused.

I remember when I first got diagnosed I had this overwhelming sense of guilt because it gave my mum who was terminally ill something else to worry about.

The important thing to appreciate is that you're not alone and that help and support is out there for you if you need it. We've got lots of information about AML available on our website for starters:

We also have a number of other patients, who like you, have joined the community and shared their own experiences with AML which you may find useful. Don't be afraid to ask them questions either by leaving a comment on their blog.

Your daughters have clearly given you something to fight for and it sounds like you've adopted a good attitude that will really help going forwards. However, it's ok to be weak at times, too, and you shouldn't forget about yourself in all this as easy as that is to do with two so young. The best thing you can do is concentrate on getting yourself better and enjoying the times when you get to see them.

If you need any further help or advice at all please don't hesitate to get in touch directly by emailing me directly at


Hi Josephine,
I was in the same position as you in April 2013 but with ALL. I was in hospital over 2 hours drive from where we live and FaceTime was our saviour. We bought an I pad and with an I phone I could be there in a virtual way.It allowed me to 'sit' at the breakfast table and be there after school and bedtimes etc. my children got to see me everyday. It helped with how I changed physically too, as my children could only come once a week. I know it may only be a little tip but I hope it helps and I wish you all the best.


Thanks Andy. The website has been a huge help.


Hi Josephine,

Scarey isn't it? 

It's a rough ride but we are Mums & just have to meet it head on & forge forward.

i was diagnosed with AML 7 yrs ago yesterday. You'll never forget the date. My children were 21 & 18 yrs old & they struggled with it. Maybe your girls being younger may find it easier as they may not fully understand. 

I was part of trial 15 from Cardiff & went into remission after the first of three sets of chemo but for various reasons I then required a Stem Cell Transplant.  

All the way from diagnosis, I kept wondering what 'normal' would be. We've all come through it & back to normality.

I'm  off next Sunday on my 6th P & O cruise!

just listen to what they tell you & do as instructed. It's little steps & listen to your body.

i wish you well & who knows, next year we might meet at Impact Day.