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That time of year again

Caroline C
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13 Mar 2015

A catch up on our progress and spring finally makes an appearance

There we are... still.  Almost exactly one year on.  I can't believe what we went through last year, and I thank everyone for all the support we received.

You can see Nico in her new panda onesie, (not everyone can pull one of them off), and sporting a fabulous astracan hairstyle.You can see Nico is heroically living a normal life, depite a couple of parents who jump on every sniff or cough.  But all good so far.  Over christmas we had a nasty scare and had to cancel a trip to England, but hopefully we shall make it for easter.  Annoyingly Ryanair are making a fortune out of us this year in unused plane tickets

Meanwhile, we are running a painting course in aid of the charity.  Please share on social media and share with friends.

(We have so far managed to avoid the Florida trip, but it will have to happen in the autumn)

We are still on the prayer bus, but we have pressed the button and are hanging around by the doors, waiting for the next stop!




Nico looks adorable as a Panda - so pleased for her. Come and visit LLR HQ if you're here at Easter! 


Thanks for the update Caroline. It's great to see Nico with a smile on her face and it sounds like she's dealing with everything remarkably well so far. I think it's fantastic that you've got the Florida trip lined up as something for Nico to work towards and look forward to. We've got everything crossed for you and are here to help in any way that we can. Stay in touch and remember that you are not alone!