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Toasting our new partnership with 4Ps Marketing

Abigail E
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Abigail E
30 Jan 2015

Yesterday afternoon Emily, Andy and I had the pleasure of visiting the offices of 4Ps Marketing for the launch of our brand new charity partnership.

It was great to introduce ourselves to the digital marketing agency who have recently voted LLR as their charity for 2015, as a result of a staff connection to someone affected by blood cancer. Emily and I had the opportunity to talk a bit about the charity and how the partnership is going to work from a corporate perspective, and were followed by Andy from our digital team sharing his own experience of beating CML. It was clear that many staff members were touched by Andy’s story, and it’s fantastic to see that 4Ps Marketing are already so committed to the cause and beating their £5,000 target! We toasted the partnership with a glass of Prosecco and had a really great time meeting colleagues and discussing ideas for fundraising activities.

4Ps Marketing made a sound head-start on raising money at Christmas by charging 50p for every package delivered to the office, of which we were told there were a fair few! They plan to continue fundraising through various client engagement events, and adding a charity element to their annual Sports Day in the summer. We are also starting conversations about ways in which they can share skills to help boost our digital platform, and we are very excited to have been invited to attend 4Ps Marketing’s annual conference next month.  

4Ps Marketing are an award-winning search agency excelling in a variety of digital disciplines, including technical SEO, content marketing, digital PR, paid search, web analytics and insight. They are passionate about working in partnership, and we are hugely excited about seeing our relationship with the team do great things for blood cancer research this year.   

To find out more about 4Ps Marketing please visit their website: http://www.4psmarketing.com/

And look out for updates on reaching their target via their fundraising page: https://leukaemialymphomaresearch.org.uk/people/4ps-marketing/4ps-market...



Fantastic meeting everyone - we're thrilled to have 4Ps Marketing supporting us, looking forward to seeing what the year brings. 


Couldn't agree more with Emily. It was great to meet everyone last week and I'm really looking forward to working with 4PS and helping them with all their amazing fundraising challenges over the course of the next 12 months.

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