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Todays AML clinical trials working group meeting.

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25 Jan 2017

Progress with trials-and a tribute.

Hi all.

Today, I attended the latest AML clinical trials working group meeting at Guys hospital, London, in my role as a patient rep. 

We started by paying tribute to the life of Professor David Grimwade who sadly passed away late last year. David was a part of the working group for many years and his research no doubt saved many lives. 

We started with a minutes silence which was followed by tributes including one from myself on behalf of Bloodwise and blood cancer patients. I'll try to reproduce what I said below to the best of my ability.

"Firstly, thank you for allowing me to speak. I am in no doubt that I owe my life to Davids research as do many other bloodcancer patients. I will miss David at the wg meetings. He had this ability to explain complex medical terms to me in an easy to understand way, and he always had time for me and my research based questions. I also enjoyed many a glass of wine with him and everytime I met him, he always asked how Crystal Palace (the football team that I support) were doing. I will miss David an awful lot, especially the post meeting glasses of wine that we had. David was both a brilliant scientist and a very down to earth man. Chatting to him was like chatting to your mate. The blood cancer research community and Bloodwise have lost a brilliant scientist-a man dedicated to beating bloodcancer. Thankyou"

The meeting then discussed reports of various clinical trials and their progress. One such trial report stood out and that was about a targeted therapy which attacks a cell mutation known as CD47 which is a protein expressed on cancerous cells in all patients with AML. (This trial is being part funded by bloodwise). CD47 is a protein which sends out a 'don't eat me' signal so the cell does not get destroyed. The trial is currently looking at a drug that is hoped will turn off this protein so that cancerous cells can 'be eaten'. Although this trial is in its very early stages, the results shown so far are promising.

It's great to be a part of this working group to see how your donations are being spent, and it gives me the opportunity to be the patient voice on this working group.

Together we will beat blood cancer.









Brilliant Rich, thanks for sharing. As an AML patient I too owe my life to David Grimwade.  I never met him but everyone always spoke very highly of him and it's clear he has made a huge difference to the lives of so many blood cancer patients. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his death.

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