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Top 6 egg-cellent Spring fundraising ideas!

Keri Wyatt
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22 Mar 2017

Here are our top half a dozen egg-cellent Spring fundraising ideas!

Here are our top 6 egg-cellent Spring and Easter fundraising ideas to help inspire your fundraising this month:


1) Fill a jar with mini chocolates, mini eggs would work well, and get your work colleagues to guess how many eggs are in the jar. The person who guesses closest wins the jar of eggs!

2) A cracking idea- if you have a brave boss or colleagues! Buy a dozen or more eggs and hard boil one out of every dozen. Some chocolate prizes would be good too.Then ask you boss/work colleagues to sit on chairs and people can pay a £1 to crack an egg on your boss's/colleague's head. If the egg is hard-boiled they win a chocolate prize!

3) Raise some dough, with an Easter bake or Afternoon Tea. Who doesn't love cake and biscuits? Put your baking skills to the test and give out treats for donations at work or ask friends and family round for an Afternoon Tea.

4) Hold a Dress Down Day. Ideal for places with strict dress codes such as offices and schools. People donate to charity in return for wearing casual clothing.Please note that Bunny Ears are optional! Or you could try a Bad Dress Day - Encourage people to come to work in bad dress. Think, 80s get up or Hawaiian shirts. Charge those who take part £1.00 and those who don't pay a fine of £2.00

5) Eurovision/karaoke. Host your very own Eurovision song contest. Each participant picks a country out the hat and has to dress in the style and character of that country. Elected judges will then award prizes to the best dressed and the best voice! You can raise funds by charging an admissions fee. Perhaps you could try hosting it in a local pub.

6) Charity Film Night - This is a quick and easy fundraiser which doesn't require too much organisation. Simply invite your friends and family over to watch the latest blockbuster or a favourite in return for a donation. 

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