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Top fundraising tips from a #MyPeakChallenge fundraiser

Steph Cade
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14 Apr 2016

Be brave

“I felt really anxious about asking for donations to some people I barely knew, but I drafted a list of likely contacts. If people like the charity/like what you’re doing and have the funds, they’ll donate. Make a bit of a joke of it too – be open that it is something ‘new’ that you’re doing (for me the running) and I said something about ‘well I’ve got to do it now!’”

Use social media

“I used Twitter and Facebook and re-tweeted, and reposted the info several times. I also posted updates on my Just Giving page.”

Use the power of email

“I emailed a mass of people, with their email addresses hidden under the ‘BCC’ bit of the email form. I will re-email everyone that hasn’t donated when I come to do my next challenge in May – I’ll make the email look like it’s going to everyone by saying ‘Thanks to everyone who has already donated and if you’ve not yet done so, now’s the chance to make a pledge’ – in fact I won’t email those people who’ve already donated at all, but hopefully the words might encourage others!”

Don’t forget thank-yous!

“Finally – make sure you thank everyone who has donated no matter how small an amount. It could be a simple PM on Facebook, an email or a formal handwritten letter – I’ve done everything – a thank you is very important and should not be overlooked.”

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