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Training – the final countdown

Rebecca A
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28 Feb 2015

So whilst I’ve kept my training schedule fairly consistent throughout I’ve been upping the game in the final month as the countdown to the trek begins – is it really only one week away…?
To give an idea of my current weekly schedule it looks something like this:-

-Saturday morning – 5k Parkrun or Hour of power fitness class (involves a ‘gentle’ warm up of 200 squats followed by solidly lifting low weights at high repetitions. For an hour. Or until you give up and cry!)
-Sunday morning – Zumba class
-Sunday afternoon – Long walk on South Downs (most likely still aching and complaining from yesterday’s run)
-Monday evening – Step aerobics class
-Tuesday– Rest or run 5k (depending on how much I ache)
-Wednesday evening – Step aerobics class followed by clubbercise class (involves glowsticks, 90’s club anthems and a disco ball)
-Thursday evening – Zumba class followed by Body Attack class (not unlike the Insanity workout, lots of jumping squats and running on the spot)
-Friday – Rest (and usually medicinal wine)

It’s gruelling, it’s tiring and it makes me ache. I’ve seen progress and physical improvements (a few months ago I couldn’t run more than 60 seconds but thanks to the NHS couch to 5k program I can comfortably - uncomfortably at times - run for 30 minutes). I’ve tried every combination of classes offered by my gym to find the optimum combination for me.
I’m hoping to have gained sufficient fitness that I’m not lagging at the back of the group for this upcoming trek and I can enjoy rather endure the physical challenge of it. 
In three weeks I’ll know if all the hard work paid off.



Wow! You have been incredibly busy, Rebecca and really upped the training. Good for you! Make sure that you taper down in the final week and don't neglect nutrition as that's really important too. You must be getting so excited now that the trek is getting so close?! Keep up the good work and thanks so much for everything that you're doing to help us beat blood cancer. 

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