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Training and nutrition

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15 Mar 2010


We've teamed up with industry experts Full Potential to provide you with some fantastic training programs. Full Potential also offer a great online running club that can be adapted to your individual needs.

Training for your running event is very important. Often the best way to begin your training is to think about putting together your own training schedule via popular websites such as RunnersworldRealbuzz and Maxifuel

We also recommend building a comprehensive dietary plan for marathon training. For dietary advice, look no further than our friends at Maxifuel. Maxifuel is committed to providing proven, safe and effective products to help you be your best during exercise. 


The amount of training you'll need to put in before you cycling event will depend on your current level of fitness, cycling ability and the event you are taking part in. For example, the shorter routes of our Bikeathons are family friendly and manageable without training.

For our longer Bikeathon routes, and for any other 50 mile plus events like RideLondon-Surrey 100, we would strongly recommend that you train beforehand and adopt a training plan. The type and amount of training you need to do will depend on you and your event. We have training advice guides that will help you to determine how much training you should be doing, basic stretch and exercise circuits, cycling training tips and cycling nutrition advice. For a full list of downloads, see the right hand column.


Training for an open water swimming event is very important as the transition from pool swimming to open water swimming can be a shock to the system if you are not fully prepared.

The amount of both pool training and open water training that you would need to complete prior to an event will vary depending on your current fitness levels, swimming ability and the event you are completing in.

The inclusion of open water training in your training programme is essential as it allows your body to acclimatise to the colder water conditions and helps prepare you for the varying conditions that you will experience during an open water race.

Please see right for a selection of training downloads to help you in preparation for your event.

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