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Training and the Ride

Brian and Izzy
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16 Jun 2014

Although Isabel and I have been involved with the Bikeathon (and LLR) since 1999 the longest we have ridden is 26 miles. Somehow Isabel got me to agree to do the 52 mile ride. Which will be fine for her [and her cousin Vikki and now Matt has signed up] as they are still young and fit v nearly 62 year old who isn't.
So for the 1st time some serious training is needed!!
Running total as @ 28th August 243 miles.

New blog - The Ride

Story of the ride and some pictures

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And you can see Isabel, Tom and Alice appearing on Blue Peter with Gary Linekar to launch the Blue Peter Bikeathons plus Jamie riding in 1999 on our YouTube channel.

Thursday 28th August 2014

Last ride before Sunday.  Into the office and back.  Ride in felt good but the ride back not so great!!  More after the ride.

Saturday 16th August 2014

Well other than a ride to and from the doctors the knee, ankle and weather (plus Isabel’s bedroom and her still not feeling great) means that it has been 5 weeks since the last ride!!  Had nearly 70cc of fluid taken out of my knee last Tuesday.  Unfortunatley looks like it is filling again but need to see if I could cycle.  The answer is - better than walking!

With 2 weeks to go it was time to get out for a ride.  Today it was a gentle ride to Greenwich and back.  Isabel did really well.  Not feeling great but, as usual, very determined!!  Left me well behind over the last 1.5 miles –ignore the max speed of 35mph at mile 22 Mapmyride was playing up – showing total of 16.9 miles but the splits show 22.9!!!  Let’s call it 17 miles so total is now 223.

Very excited to be invited by LLR to 10 Downing Street as part of the Childhood Cancer Awareness week.  see

Sunday 18th July 2014
Too big of a gap but last weekend decided to wallpaper Isabel's bedroom.  Mistake!  Luckily I was unsuccessful in my attempt to break my leg as the ladder feel in the right way.  It has bruised the leg and left some nice scrapes.  Poor Isabel is now in month 6 of feeling constantly sick, headaches and dizzy.  The consultant believes it is migraine but so far they haven’t found the right drugs.  Of course this makes cycling “interesting” but Isabel is a very determined young lady.  So we sent off today – after Isabel had got home around 3:30am and up by 9:30.  Nice easy pace.  She was ok until around Lewisham and by Greenwich a break was needed.  Took the foot tunnel to the Isle of Dogs for a sit and ice-cream.  She appeared a bit better so back through the tunnel and off to the O2.  For no reason I can explain I lost balance and scraped my right arm on a wall!  But was clear that she was feeling rough so gentle ride back to Greenwich and a rest and water.  She did really well all the way to Beckenham.  Another stop and started the worst bit back towards home.  She made all the way back to Crystal Palace Park at which point she was not good.  10 minutes of persuading her finally worked and Jane came to pick her up.  She was gutted to put it mildly.  How she has/is functioned/functioning I don’t know.  She did just over 19miles!

Thursday 10th July 2014

Well it had to happen!!  Rain and wind.  Had only been rding for about 10mins when the rain started.  Luckily not too heavy and the 15 mph head wind was more an issue.  About 8mins slower than the best time but not bad given the conditions.  Very heavy rain during the day was making me think that it would be train home but luckily it stopped in time.  Good ride home, being to think the miles are making a difference.  20 miles today so up to 185 miles in total.

Sunday 6th July 2014

Just a short run out to Greenwich, around the park and Cutty Shark then back.  Not too hot and best time on the return leg yet!

Wednesday 2nd July 2014

A whole week without any miles!  We were on the south coast Saturday and it was too wet Sunday.  So decided to cycle to the office.  Journey in was good, when I set off it was still fresh and made good time to Canary Wharf – 55mins cycle time 10.4 miles so around 11mph.  Journey back is always worse and even though I left at 5:45 it was very warm.   By the time I reached Beckham I was feeling wacked out.  Overall time was 1hr 11min and cycle time 1hr 4mins for an average of 8.9 mph.  Still a bit faster than previously but still hurts.  Total over the last 4.5 weeks 148 miles.

Wednesday 25th June 2014

Lazy week after Sunday’s long ride.  Also a long time since Isabel and I have been out together.  She is still not great with what the doctors think is migraine – the problem is that she has been like this since Feb and feels constantly dizzy and sick, neither of which are a great when cycling.  Sundays are a w/off as she has her class at Pineapple.

But we both thought that a gentle ride Wednesday evening would be good so off we set with no real intention of going very far.  1st target was Catford, she is “ok” so kept going.  In the end we made Greenwich.  She got a bit dizzy not far from home but we both finished the ride.  In all 16.6 miles -  Brings my 4 week total to 128 miles – so why does it still hurt!!!  More miles needed.

Sunday 22nd June 2014

Jane was singing in a choir and Isabel at Pineapple so another opportunity for another cycle.  Wanted to get over 30 miles so decided to head Greenwich then around to the Woolwich foot tunnel and back via Canary Wharf and the Greenwich foot tunnel.   The Thames Path is very variable.  Some if it is nice, smooth and wide, especially around the O2.  Some of it is very rough and narrow– the section just before the Thames Barrier complex is especially bad.  The lift on the south side was working fine BUT on not on the north side.  Had to carry the bike complete with pannier – apparently for 64 feet (the south side is only 51 feet down which explains why I could coast the whole way across).  Absolutely wiped by the time I got to the top.  Then managed to lose my way and went the long way round to Thames Barrier Park for a break and eat – see the detour at  Strange being there without lots of other riders – this has been the turnaround point for point for the London Bikeathons for a number of years.

Now the return leg -  Canary Wharf then down to the Greenwich foot tunnel – both lifts working!  Feeling the need for another break in Greenwich Park then on the road again.  Return is always slower and not just because the legs are now tired – it is pretty much uphill from Greenwich home.  Mapmyide says 31.82 miles the bike computer 34 miles so let’s say 32.

Lots more training needed -32 miles is only 61% of what will be needed on 31st August.

Tuesday 17th June
Now the 1st real cycle to work.  Morning Physio at Crystal Palace Sports Clinic and then the ride in.  Getting better 1hr 15min including the tunnel – average cycling speed 9.8 mph.  The ride home is harder.  You are basically climbing from Greenwich.  Found a better route so all in was 20 miles.

Sunday 15th June
Jane is at the Queens Club, Isabel at the Isle of Wight Festival so the day is free.  Been thinking of cycling to work (Canary Wharf) so thought a trial run would be good.  Made it – also 1st time through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel under the Thames!  Quick rest, water and back.  All in 21 miles.

Saturday 14th June
Quick Lewisham ride including round Ladywell Park and some extra miles in Beckenham.  All in 11 miles.

Sunday 1st June
Decide to ride to Lewisham but when I reached there still felt good so kept going and found myself at Greenwich.  Quick ride around the park and then back to join Jane at the Fox Hill Big Lunch party.  All in 18 miles

Saturday 31st May
Isabel was doing a Pilates class at Crystal Palace so we both rode there and then decided to ride to Catford via London Cycleway 21.  Ride to Catford felt good so kept going to Lewisham.  Then back to meet Isabel.  All in 9.5miles