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Linda C
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05 Jul 2015

I'm writing this while recovering from a particularly nasty tummy bug - which means it's not safe for me to leave the flat, let alone go out on my bike!!

If you know me, you know that I am a cycling and horse riding nut. Any sport that you can do while sitting down gets my vote. I cycle for many reasons: mainly to keep my weight down (if I look at a blade of grass, I put on 3 stone...), but also, because if I didn't see trees, flowers or wildlife, I'd go completely nuts!! I like the quietness and the 'thinking time' that cycling gives me. So cycling through London, a busy city and a place that I don't particularly like at the best of times, is totally alien to me. But this time, I'm cycling for a different reason: raising money to beat cancer. Specifically, the blood cancer which killed my Mum. The only way I can get revenge on this bloody disease is to raise money to help annihilate it. Basically...

Training for me consists of cycling around 20km pretty much every day on my trusty old exercise bike, and going out on the local trails (I'm lucky: we have beautiful commons near to where I live) on my go-anywhere-do-anything bike. My bike, by the way, is a modified Dahon Jack. It's a full-size folder, but I had the front straight forks swapped out for a decent set of entry-level shocks (RockShox Dart 2) with road-and-trail tyres (Continental TravelContact) This means that the damn thing weighs a half a ton, but folds up to fit in the back of The Van, so I really CAN go anywhere and do anything with it!

Last weekend, I took part in the Evans Ride It mountain bike ride on the North Downs (now renamed the North Ups because there aren't any bloody downs!!). Absolutely hiarious (not much...) hurtling over flint cobbles/marbles on semi-slick tyres, (friendly) herds of cows to negotiate through/round, several hundred hardened MTB lunatics throwing themselves down the slopes at full pelt, eye-watering, never-ending hill climbs, and I do believe that on more than one occasion, I was heard uttering the words "Never a-bloody-gain!!" as I hurtled helplessly headlong towards a tree and/or precipice. Or as I said to another near-dead cyclist, dragging his bike halfway up yet another unending hill, "Don't worry! They can only kill us once!" His pained, half-gasped grunt of a reply spoke volumes. I left him on the hillside, silently hoping that he would one day be found and returned to his loved ones.

I eventually got round in four expletive-ridden hours...

So training consists of 20km a day at home watching something weird that I've recorded on the Sky box, hurtling round the local commons, and swearing my way round the occasional cycling event. Not sure however, that cycling through London on a modified folder, in mid-August, is the smartest plan I've ever had (Mum would have called me "Bloody mental"), but let's see how it goes...


P.S. I still need £300 to hit my target, so please donate via the link below!

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