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The training is going well (ish)

Mike G
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14 Jul 2014

Surprised and impressed myself last weekend and did a 36 mile ride across hill, down dale but mostly on National Cycle Path 6. This weekend did 8. Well I was busy! Anyway, sponsor me please because it's a bit embarrassing having a target of £1000 with £1000 still to go...



PS. Don't ask me why my profile picture is sideways. Either I've loaded it wrong or was laying down when the picture was taken!


Hi Mike,

Great effort on the training ride, hope you weren't too sore afterwards?! You're ahead of me at this stage so I'm going to have to get my arse into gear and put in some hard miles over the next couple of weekends if I'm going to be anywhere near fit enough to get round!

Good luck with the fundraising, too - getting started can be tough but I'll make sure that I add some money to the pot at some point today to help get you started.

Apologies for your photo - we're looking into this but are currently having problems ourselves removing the photo!


This was supposed to be an early night so I can fit an early training ride in first thing tomorrow. It's already tomorrow!

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