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The training has commenced... and tough doesn’t even cover it!

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14 Mar 2014

Despite a strong level of fitness and many Spin classes at the gym, nothing prepared me for the first weeks ride. All the gear and no idea… Yep, that was me.

First things first - get the bike ready. Fortunately I had Mark, my friendly sports therapist, to hand to help me set up my bike, get the tyres pumped and tell me what to wear; the only issue being that he wasn’t the one having to ride the damn thing!

I bought a gadget that measures time, distance and calories to assist with my training. However, I struggled to get it working as I couldn’t change the language from Spanish; a slight issue as English is the only language I speak! All this and I hadn’t even begun pedalling.

Finally I got started and just typical, I had the wind and rain up against me. But off I went; straights, hills, bends – you name it, I did it.  I managed to complete 12.5 miles, but it felt more like 25 long and painful miles. And all I kept thinking was, “how am I going to do this!?”

It was tough, way harder than I had imagined, and it made me realise that I am going to have to work extra hard over the next three months if I am going to survive this challenge!

First week down, only 14 to go.
Watch this space.

Danny B

Danny Breithaupt is the Managing Director of The Restaurant Group's Leisure Division, and will be taking on our London | Paris: Be Unstoppable cycling challenge in June 2014 to raise money to help beat blood cancer.

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