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Training sessions L2P 2015

Cagzy Tomkins
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06 Oct 2014

So, since i started cycling earliier this year after commiting myself then to the North Wales bikeathon. I've set myself an even bigger challenge - To cycle to Paris in 2015. This was because of the sheer joy and adrenaline rush i got from doing the bikeathon and also because of LLR which is a charity that is so personal to me.

I've started my training small and have also hounded various trainers and cycle captains from L2P to get the best advise i can in order to complete this amazing event.

I rode 21K with small hills. not quite as quick as i'd like but i decided to get myself some clip in shoes just to see if that made a difference to my cycling experience. Of course, they have done.. I cycled out in poor weather conditions it was extremely wet.

I was enjoying the ride... guess what.. I fell off!! I couldnt get my feet out of my clips quick enough. I had been warned it would happen i just wasnt expecting it so soon!!

All in all it was a great ride and i had a good laugh at myself for falling out the saddle - makes a change its usually a horse saddle i have trouble staying sat in !!



Good luck with the training, hope it's going well! 

See you in Greenwich..or Paris...assuming you haven't fallen off! :-)




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