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Training, training and more training

Bill F
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26 May 2014

I love training.  It is just the pain that goes with it that puts me off.

Actually, my training is going well.  I am following a six week plan as I did before my first Triathlon.  Which is handy as I have planned six weeks between my first and second Triathlon.

Some days in training are better than others.  The days when it is not so good are few, but when they come along I get great motivation from thinking of the fundraising and those friends and colleagues who have sponsored me to date.  So again a big thank you to all of you out there.

I thought I would also post a warning to those of you who may get inspired to follow in my footsteps and set yourself a similar challenge.

Firstly, kit.  You can never have enough Triathlon clothing and equipment.  As you get comfortable on your new bike, you immediately start thinking of your next (more expensive) upgrade.  As you pull on your new running shoes you think about some extra quick release laces you need to help speed up your transitions (at an extra cost)

Conversations with Mrs Fleet on this subject at this point are difficult!

Secondly, Ironman.  As a Triathlon newbie this season, my challenge is a good one.  Four sprints and a 100 mile sportive in four months is a good effort.  However, a warning to you all, as you embark on your latest effort you always start thinking about your next and more ambitious one.   What about doing aTriathlon consisting of a  3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run on a sunny summer day?

Conversations with Mrs Fleet on this subject at this point normally turn to laughter!

However, my answer to both problems are simple.  I think you can continue to research about and dream of a new carbon bike.  It will keep you excited and up for your next race and even next season.  Whether you will be able to afford it is another matter.  The Ironman question is easy.  If you are like me then you will always think about setting yourself a harder test, so the ultimate one will always feature in your thoughts. 

So here's to more training and more dreaming, happy days !



Thanks for the tips, Bill - as someone who's never done a triathlon either but is sorely tempted, I read your blog updates with interest and become increasingly confident that I might be able to do it. Not sure about the Ironman though mate - I think that may be a step too far for me but what an achievement that would be!

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