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Training For A Triathlon

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19 Jan 2010

Training for a triathlon is essential. If you want to get really involved and do a triathlon for us, then you can join a triathlon club or go online and get some great advice and news from and

Join our Facebook community for our unstoppable triathletes for all of the latest hints and tips from the experts and from your fellow triathletes. 

Training for different disciplines

As triathlon poses the challenge of three different discplines, it's really important that your training incorporates a bit of everything. We have a range of training tips on simming, cycling and running on our training pages - and look out for more information coming in your even enewsletters. 

Triathlon Training Day

If you are new to triathlons or want to improve your techniques then specialised triathlon training is recommended. So why not sign up for a triathlon training day? The training day is the best way for first timers to prepare for every aspect of a triathlon. Our Golden Bond triatheletes are eligible for a free place (subject to fundraising totals) or you can pay for one through the Blenheim Palace Triathlon website.

The full day’s training incorporates the three disciplines (swim, bike and run), with each section led by Britain’s top coaches who are specialists in their field. We will also be on hand to help you with all your fundraising needs.

If you are specifically looking for swim training then we recommend a visit to

Why not check out our top 10 triathlon and transition tips? We've put together a list of the 10 most useful and you can download these to the right of this page.

Why not sign up today and swim, bike and run to beat blood cancer?

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