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Training under way!

Keith  P
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26 Jul 2014

Well, I've just been out for a very enjoyable 26 mile ride this evening. Rode some of the route out towards Reddich. Tomorrows plan is to ride it again then jump across the A435 to pick up the route back in towards Brum. Lets see, hopefully I won't get to lost!



Great work, Keith! Sounds like the training is going really well! Hope that Sunday's ride was ok and that you didn't get lost - you'll have to write us an update so we know that you didn't!!!

I hope the fundraising is going well, too - did you know that if you raise £100 you'll help pay for the nurses need for two blood cancer patients to take part in one of our clinical trials.


KEITH!!!! It is sooo good to hear from you. Did you find me from Kayleen's blog? I found yours the other day too because I have fun blog-stalking. haha. Where are you monvig? Yeah, so you saw my girls .believe me, you wouldn't be jealous if you witnessed ONE day with them. They are out of control. It is cool though .definitely more than I asked for. Well, I am glad that our blogs got us back in touch. Maybe you'll move to Utah some day. -liesl

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