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Tri-ing to beat blood cancer in more ways than one...

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27 Apr 2016

Oxford resident Rachael Nimmo is pushing herself to the limit as she prepares to take part in the Blenheim Palace Triathlon on Saturday 4 June. The 37 year-old is raising funds for Bloodwise, after she was awarded a grant for her research into childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL).



Rachael, who works at the Cancer Institute at University College London (UCL), was recently awarded a research grant from Bloodwise to determine the precise genetic signature of a patient’s leukaemia and develop personalised drugs to target the cancer.

Rachael said: “The treatments for these children are still very harsh and can have damaging long-term effects. We are trying to develop personalised drugs that can treat the patient in a more targeted way, that is more effective and less damaging to the rest of the body.

“I was drawn to enter the event as Bloodwise is the official sponsor and charity partner. I have a strong interest in cancer research through both my job and also personally as I have many family members who have been affected by the disease.” Rachael adds.

Rachael, who has participated in team sports since childhood, currently plays for Headington Ladies FC. She adds:

“I have always liked the idea of doing a triathlon and it involves three sports that I have, at one point in my life, done on a regular basis. As an Oxford resident I spent my twenties cycling everywhere and I still enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom when I get on my bike.”

Matt Lawley, Head of Sports at Bloodwise, says: “The incredible efforts of people like Rachael and their dedication to training for this event is inspiring. We’re delighted that she has chosen to support Bloodwise and wish her all the very best as she takes on this tough yet unforgettable challenge.”

Rachael is a motivation for us all and we cannot thank her enough for all her support and hard work! She's also been blogging about her journey to the Blenheim start line, which you can read here:

We'd love to hear about your experience of training for the triathlon event and your motivation for supporting our charity. If you would like to share your story, please get in touch with our press team on:

Hit your target of £400 fundraising target at Blenheim and you could stop a patient having to undergo harsh and unnecessary treatment. By paying for a blood cancer patient’s genes to be scanned and analysed, you could help tailor their treatment to their needs by finding the faults in their genes that cause the disease.


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