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Triathlon No. 1 in the bag

Bill F
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12 May 2014

So training complete and nerves definitely kicking in preceded the arrival of my first Triathlon.

I travelled to Stratford upon Avon to compete in my first of four Triathlons this summer.

My mate Dave joined me.  We had some training together prior to the event and it definitely helped me keep focused and motivated with him alongside me.  Thanks Dave.

Weather watching during the week, it suggested that it would be cold, wet and windy.

For the first time in a long time I have now total faith in the UK Meteriology Department as they were spot on with their forecast !

So in short the event went well, I survived chaos in the pool, high winds on the bike, a coach on its way into Stratford which decided to see how close it could get to cyclists without knocking them off, and a muddy cross country run thanks to the rain.

On finishing the event, my thoughts turned to others who were also competing in similar challenges across the country raising money for charity this weekend.

My niece and nephew, Katie and John, both took part in a 5K run.  They like me have been blown away by the support and generosity of family and friends backing us on our journeys.

Well done you two! As I have said to them, now you gave done one run, rest and contemplate the next!

Finally, thanks to all of you who have to date sponsored me.  There are a few I have yet to track down, but time is on my side!

Onwards to the next one, 6 weeks to go and counting.

Happy Days.



Well done Bill! Glad to hear you got round in one piece. Hope the legs aren't too sore and all the best with the next triathlon. Were you happy with your time?

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