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Trying to lead a normal life while taking medication can be tricky at times

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24 Aug 2016

It's led to me having to take my medication in some unusual places.....

Trying to lead a normal life while getting over a stem cell transplant and taking some pretty heavy duty medication can be tough at times. For the last two months i have been taking Sorafenib. It's a kinase inhibitor drug, usually used to treat kidney cancer, but it's also proved useful in treating people with AML with the FLT3 gene mutation. It's pretty full on nasty stuff despite being an innocuous looking brown pill. When I was given it I was ushered into a little side room by the pharmacist to be given a lecture on how to store it, handle it and take it correctly. My husband was advised to wear gloves if he ever needed to handle it, and under no circumstances was a pregnant woman to handle them even with protective gloves. The other awkward instruction was the fact it had to be taken on an empty stomach, at least two hours after eating and an hour before eating.

I've been determined to lead as full a life as I can while all this is going on, which has led to me taking this heavy duty, toxic medication in a variety of odd locations. Some of the strangest ones are:

1) Church

2) A swimming pool changing room

3) A beach

4) Richmond Park

5) A leisure pool in Brittany, France

6) In a car on the M3

I also haven't been able to drink alcohol while taking it either, so I am very much looking forward to taking my final dose on Friday morning and enjoying a glass of wine on Friday evening.


Eleanor Baggley

Jane, I hope you were able to thoroughly enjoy your glass of wine! There really are some unusual locations here, but it just demonstrates your determination to lead a normal life under very abnormal circumstances. Thank you for sharing. Eleanor

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