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Two Attempts At Leith Hill

Gareth H
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19 Jun 2014

First Mechanical

Route: Surbiton To Leith Hill and back (1st Attempt)
Distance: 42.3miles
Time: 2:49
Avg Speed: 15mph
Max Speed: 36.9 mph
Weather: Nice if you own an ark
Notable Hills: Ranmore Common, A246 into Bookhaml
Bike: Ribble
Ride Drinks: Water
Stops: None
Pre Ride Food: Scrambled Eggs
Post Ride Food: Cheese Toastie
“Recovery” Drink: Sqaush

Route: Surbiton To Leith Hill and back (2nd Attempt)
Distance: 44.43miles
Time: 3:07
Avg Speed: 14.3 mph
Max Speed: 31.3 mph
Weather: Cloudy
Notable Hills: Ranmore Common x2, Leith Hill
Bike: Ribble
Ride Drinks: Water
Stops: Coldharbour for food
Pre Ride Food: Toast Espresso
Post Ride Food: Crisp Sandwicj
“Recovery” Drink: Cider

Decieded to test my climbing legs over Ranmore Common and up Leith Hill, though I did go up from Abinger which is less step than the road from Dorking. However this ride took 2 attempts due to a mechanical.

I was climbing over Ranmore Common from Effingham which is steep but not too bad, and I was climbing nicely when my chain fell off whilst shifting. I put it back on and after a fast downhill started to climb Leith Hill. My chain fell off and I found out my inner chainring had snapped. There was no way of me carry on climbing Leith Hll on  just the big ring so I ctruned round and headed out towrads Dorking on the A25. Then the torrential rain hit, I was wearing a windproof gilet rather than a waterproof jacket so I was soon damp but from the outside rather than the inside from sweat. The road was pretty slippy but I manned up hit nearly 37mph on the descent into Westcott. Rest of the ride was smooth, and the sun even came out so I dried out nicley.

A week later I tackled Leith Hill a second time, as before the first ascent of Ranmore Common was fine, and climbing up Leith Hill through Abinger Common was ok not too step but plenty of twats in 4x4's to dodge (well it is Surrey), the road surfaces on the way down were pretty bad too, so I'm planning on changing to some more grippy tyres. (Bontrager RXL Hardcase, as hardcase tyres rock). Then I climbed up Ranmore Common but a steeper way, any climbing legs I had left me and was struggling, this hill was steep its marked as 2 arros on the OS so at least 1 in 5 or steep bloody hill. At times I struggled, but despite a couple of stops to take on water I made it and then limped home awith very hurty legs, but pleased I made it up a few hills



Love the recovery cider at the end - Froome should take note! Keep up the good work Gareth!

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