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Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Jay M
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08 Jul 2014

Howdy. Hello. Welcome. Hej. Welkommen. Ola. 

I'm stalling, trying to get my breath back. Oh my goodness the hill climb up to my house almost finished me. I've been out and cycled approximately 15km today. My legs now feel like huge heavy lumps of unwieldly stone. I'm not the fittest chap in the world, I'm rather too fond of chocolate, ice cream, cake, cheese and bread (not at the same time, mind, although there's an interesting sandwich recipe there I'm sure.....).  I've been training for a week now, just in the evenings on an exercise bike at home, until today......  My lovely daughter Rhiannon (she's studying Sport Science at Worcester Uni) gave me some expert advice about getting my training going and extending my stamina......alternating distances on the bike - 5km one time, 10km the next, back to 5km and then 10km again - acclimatizing myself to distance exercise. 

Well bollocks and feck me, exercise shemexercise! Actual real cycling on a road bike today and well, yeah. Need a nap now. And some chocolate. And cake. And some cheese. And perhaps a hug. Tuck me in will ya? 

I'm on holiday, at home, this week. So today I seized the opportunity to go for a spin. I live in Shenley, on the outskirts of the Bournville Village.  It's a lovely area to cycle around, plenty of parks, streams, trees, interesting people out and about in the green spaces and even on the canal.  I particularly like the canal, it's quiet yet buzzes with wildlife amongst the ruins of industry. A guy in a purple tracksuit was doing tai chi on the roof of his canal barge, he looked at me and grinned as I passed by.  He seemed so focused and serene, I hadn't the heart to point out the huge hole in the arse part of his pants.......  As trains dashed back and forth in paralleI to the canal, I plodded along from Selly Oak to Northfield then back to Bournville - diverting to my Pop's house for a cuppa and a chinwag - and then around the parks and back streets through the Suburbs to wend my way home and that fecking hill.

But I did it though. Slowly, so slowly but, ultimately I got there. And like the hill, regardless of speed, I shall conquer the Bikeathon challenge to come :) 

More soon.







Great blog Jay!

I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to cycling too and have even less time than you to get myself in shape as I'm doing the London Bikeathon at the end of August. I found that this training guide really helped:


Good luck and keep us updated with how you're getting on - together we will beat blood cancer!

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