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Two weeks and counting till I swim the challenge of my life

Simon F
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01 Jul 2014

on the countdown to my channel swim

So I am entering the final phase of my training. I am now swimming two hours every morning and two hours every evening. If anything I am feeling more energetic and find every day that I am taking around two minutes off no off my hourly length time. The other great news is that I have lost a stone in weight over June alone. Sponsorship has almost completely stopped. trying everything to get more people to look at my page lets hope it's only because they have all been waiting for pay day!!!!



Hi Simon,

Thanks so much for the update. Good to hear that the training is going well and that you feel like you've got more energy rather than less - that's got to be a good thing! Sorry to hear the fundraising has ground to a bit of a halt. We will be doing our bit to help you by sharing your blog on Facebook and Twitter when you set off in a couple of weeks which should help but don't worry too much that you're not getting any money in currently. In my experience lots of people tend to wait until you are about to set off or finish to dip in to their pockets.

Good luck with the remainder of the training and thanks again for what you're doing to help us beat blood cancer.

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