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The Ultimate Weekend

Laura B
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03 Sep 2013

My blogs for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research are going to be all about how I try and make Beth (my gorgeous, thoughtful, inspirational, strong… as you can see the list is endless… best friend) feel good and forget about what she is currently going through. I want to inspire others who have friends or family in the same situation as I find myself in, to help their loved ones in the best way they can. I’ve found that being there for Beth 24/7, listening to her, being a shoulder to cry on, is all helping her recovery and spirits but as her best friend the best thing I can do is be the person that when she just wants to get away from it all and feel ‘normal’ life once in a while – I can give her that…. And lots of it.

To read Beth’s story feel free to follow this link for more information

We have done so much together over the last 18months whilst Beth has been unwell. We have been to Centre Parcs, had a New Year weekend away in a remote cottage in Tintagel, numerous nights out, a Jubilee party, the list goes on. My first blog is going to be about last weekend which we had to keep Beth’s spirits up before she goes in for her stem cell transplant this month.

Beth currently can’t go on holiday so I thought what is better than holidaying at home?! And whilst everyone on Facebook is showing off their pictures with their wonderful tans from Spain, let’s do the same with our fake tans from the UK!

It was this time last week we started our amazing fun-filled weekend. After a couple of weeks of planning, we were about to start the shenanigans.

Beth is a party girl, and actually we all are, so I had to plan a weekend that was a mix of partying but as much rest time as possible too for Beth to recharge.

We started out on the Friday night when the girls arrived, getting ready at mine for a night out in the city, (about a 5 minute walk from me, so if Beth got tired we were close to home) where we went out at 8pm for some drinks, food and a good catch up. We had a wonderful time, probably partied a little too hard, but we can’t help ourselves when we are all together!

Saturday was then a time to relax. We woke up late, had some food, did some shopping, chilled on the sofa, watched movies and ate pizza in the evening – perfect girly day with 4 best friends. I would go as far as saying this was the best day of the weekend as our cheeks hurt so much from laughing about the night before and the history of us as friends. Oh and not to forget we were all tucked up and fast asleep for 11pm ready for Sunday.

On Sunday we were on the train for 9:30am and on our way to London. What a better way to spend the bank holiday but in the capital of our country. I searched for the best hotel I could find and managed to find one in Holborn. A lovely hotel; close to everything we needed, friendly staff, warm cookie on arrival!!, spacious room, delightful.

After dropping our luggage off I had us booked in to MAC in Covent Garden for makeovers. All a little sceptical, it was the best decision we made. The make-up artists made us feel relaxed, gave us the exact make-over we wanted, and we ended up walking out feeling like celebrities! The best bit was although they cost £30, you get this back against whatever you buy – Perfect!

From there we had a little walk around Covent Garden but it was important for us to return to the room to have a few hours rest before the evening.

And wow the evening lived up to all expectations. We went to an exclusive club in Mayfair, all felt glamorous and the best we have felt in a long time. Everyone was so friendly, and we danced the night away. (We even got to meet and chat with some of the England cricket team-bonus!)

Safe to say waking up on Monday morning we were all ultra-tired but so overwhelmed by an amazing weekend – none of us wanted it to end.

After a little sightseeing on Monday, it was time to head home.

There’s nothing else to say but it was the most amazing weekend. Beth felt good about herself and so she should - you can see by the pictures she is glowing!

This weekend was full of feel goods (make-over, shopping, dancing) but most of all laughs. We all came home with our cheeks hurting so much from all the fun and will never forget the experiences we all shared together from the weekend.

We set ourselves a budget for the 4 day weekend of £200 each. This included everything from the hotel and trains, to the make-overs and lunches!  (oh and apart from the retail shopping Rhiannon and Beth indulged themselves in). This was our August holiday (and I must say far cheaper than most!) and I wouldn’t change a second of it.

The best part of the weekend is Beth had the opportunity to forget everything, to be with her friends, and experience new things. We didn’t talk about her illness the whole weekend, apart from all raising our glasses to wish her good luck for the next stage of treatment.

We love you Beth, you are our inspiration, and we can’t wait for the next shenanigans.

Until the next time, Laura xxx



Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic weekend away Laura. Love you bigger than the sky Beth D x


What a fabulous bunch of friends & family for a fabulous girl. You have all been so supportive and its great reading about keeping Beth's spirits high.
Thank you


Thank you so much for your sponsorship Maxine :-)

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