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Unstoppable Fundraiser Of The Month: May 2013 - Daniel Baker

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15 May 2013

There are some who truly epitomise what it means to be ‘Unstoppable’ and May’s fundraiser of the month is no exception.

Our Unstoppable fundraiser of the month for May is Daniel Baker. We noticed Daniel Baker’s incredible fundraising total for Run To The Beat (it’s only May and already he’s hit the £2000 mark). Impressed with his sponsorship so far, we got in touch to find out a little more about his story.

What makes his story so unique? In Daniel’s own words:

“I use to be a training captain for an airline until I had a car accident in February 2009. Someone pulled in front of me whilst I was driving at around 60mph causing an accident that gave me a severe brain injury. As a result I can no longer drive or fly, so I'm trying to do things that help others. I suffer with cognitive issues, being partially sighted and suffer with severe fatigue (I need about 18 hours of sleep per day). I can't do a lot now, even basic reading and writing is extremely difficult, but I can still walk.”

Daniel’s connection to the charity was cemented when he lost his best friend to Leukaemia thirty years ago. Over the last few years he’s made it a priority of his to do things to help others, so fundraising in memory of his friend at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research at this year’s Run To The Beat 2013 made a lot of sense to him. However in Daniel’s current condition, a half marathon will be one of the biggest and toughest challenges he’s faced since 2009.

He says of the task ahead: “the biggest challenge will be managing my fatigue during the event, that's why I have to look at the ground whilst walking, as the visual stimulation and the noise of the crowd will fatigue me. I'm having to go in a wheel-chair with ear defenders and an eye mask on, to the start-line, so that I'm not fatigued before I start. Physically I fatigue normally, but mental fatigue unfortunately now is my biggest downfall.”

It will take unrivalled strength and determination for Daniel to complete his challenge, but he’s aware of how worthwhile his fundraising will be in our fight to beat blood cancers.

“I'm looking forward to raising money the most, I guess. I'm raising money just by emailing absolutely anyone I've ever bumped into!”

It seems to be working! With over £1700 raised so far, Daniel looks set to be one of our top fundraisers at Run To The Beat 2013.

To sponsor Daniel, please visit his fundraising page.

To apply for one of our Run To The Beat places, please vist our event page.

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