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Unusual challenges

Bekah M
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23 Jul 2013

If you're thinking of doing a challenge, perhaps something a bit unusual but you're stuck for inspiration, take a look at our featured challenges below, or click through some of the stories on the left to hear what some of our other fundraisers have done.

Devizes to Westminster Canoe Challenge
An 125 mile test of skill and stamina which produces a memorable sense of achievement for those successfully completing it.

Brazilian Trek and Kayak Challenge
Trek in Brazil’s rainforest, swim in waterfalls, stay overnight in a native house and sea kayak around the islands

Zambezi Raft Challenge
Embark on a river journey with some of the most exhilarating white-water and spectacular scenery that you’ll ever see.

Organise your own
We can’t wait to hear what crazy challenge you’ve dreamed up. Get in touch and we’ll support you along the way.