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Update from Heart Of England Branch

Sheila Renton
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28 Apr 2017

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Two supporters of the blood cancer research charity Bloodwise are pictured at a fundraising stall

At our AGM in April 2017 we celebrated another successful year, with £11000 sent to headquarters as a result of our fundraising. We continue with our street and store collections in the four towns around the Heart of England, but have increased our social fundraising events where everyone also has an enjoyable time.

The concert in May, and the Folk Night in November 2016 are good examples of this, as around 100 people attended each event, and more are planned for the next year.

I must mention the outstanding fundraising done by Richard Oldershaw and his family, to celebrate his 70th birthday and 5 years in remission from lymphoma. Theirs was a marvellous total of £4602 (some of which went direct to HQ), and we all enjoyed the events that we attended throughout the year.

Warwick’s Aylesford School Sixth Form students continue to donate some of the money that they raise during their Charity Week. The “Sophie Oliver Memorial Trophy” was presented to them recently. 

The photos show Richard and Cathy Oldershaw at one of their fundraising events and also Sue and John from the Branch at one of our collections.  

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