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Updated seven-step guide to stem cell transplants now available

Emily Peters
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25 Jul 2017

We’ve worked closely with people affected by blood cancer and stem cell transplant specialists to update and refresh ‘The seven steps: blood stem cell and bone marrow transplants’ – which you can now order or download for free

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For many people, stem cell transplants can offer a vital lifeline at a crucial time – but with that comes a lot of information to process.

Over the past few months, we’ve been updating our guide to this form of treatment, to ensure anyone considering a transplant receives the most up-to-date information in a format that’s digestible, easy-to-understand and – most of all – supportive. The revised booklet, The seven steps: blood stem cell and bone marrow transplants, offers a detailed description of the transplant process, and includes a number of tips to help you cope with both the physical and emotional aspects of your transplant.

Written by Clinical Nurse Specialist Michelle Kenyon in partnership with Bloodwise, the booklet is broken down into seven steps, so you can dip in and out as you choose, without being overloaded. These steps take you through every stage of the transplant process, from planning for your hospital stay, right through to long-term recovery. In doing so, the booklet covers a number of topics that you might have questions about, including fertility, hospital stays, infection, the typical length of recovery, sex, travel and going back to work – to name just a few.

Alongside illustrative photographs and a more digestible layout, the updated booklet now also includes quotes from people who have had successful stem cell transplants – and who also provided feedback at crucial stages in the booklet’s development. We’d like to thank our Ambassadors Jane Leahy, Brett Grist and Jessica Graham for their invaluable input and hope that their words will offer an honest but reassuring insight into life before, during and after a transplant.

We’d also like to say a huge thank you to Michelle for devoting the time to help us update this booklet – and to Dr Kavita Raj, a member of our Medical Advisory Panel who checked it for clinical accuracy.

"This booklet has been a valuable resource for many patients and their carers for a number of years," says Michelle. "Now that the content meets the Information Standard, I hope that it now reaches many more patients in addressing their concerns and information needs on their transplant journeys."

If you’d like your own free copy of the booklet, you can download it in PDF format, or you can fill out an order form if you’d like a hard copy.

For more information about this resource, or to access more patient information, please visit our patient booklet pages or contact us on information@bloodwise.org.uk

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