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Ellie Dawes

Updates from the delightfully crazy world of the amateur Calendar Girls

Ellie Dawes
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Ellie Dawes
08 Nov 2012

Tattoos, party invitations and South African bun troubles, it's all going on for the amateur Calendar Girls. I thought I would post this entry to give you all an insight into the incredible amateur actors performing the Calendar Girls play across the country and beyond.

Calendar Girls around the world

Since we set up the Facebook group for ‘I’m in a production of Calendar Girls’ new people are joining and posting their stories every day. We’ve had posts from people performing the show around the world, just look at the beautiful Manoel Theatre in Valletta where the Malta premiere was performed last week:

Other tales we've heard from these far off productions recently include Australians trying to look paler to be more convincingly from Yorkshire and a hilarious story of some ill-fated buns in South Africa. Oh, and it turns out if you say "We're rooting for you" to someone in Australia, it means something rather rude over there!

Calendar Girls party

Some of the ladies in the group have decided to get together and organise a big fundraising Calendar Girls party next year for anyone who has been involved in a production. If you’re interested in coming to the party you can find out the details by joining the dedicated Facebook page for the event or email Laura at laurakenward@yahoo.co.uk.

Calendar Girls get inked up

The Calendar Girls family have not stopped there, with some women in the group having sunflower tattoos to commemorate their roles in this special play. Here are pictures of some of the sunflower tattoo pictures posted in the group so far:

Fundraising success for the Tudor Players

While a couple of the actors I performed with are among these brave tattooed ladies, I can confirm that I won’t be getting a sunflower tattoo myself! However, speaking of the Tudor Players, I'm pleased to report that we enjoyed a sell-out success for our run last month. One of our ladies had a slight wardrobe malfunction on the first night, flashing a boob at the audience but otherwise everything went swimmingly.

I don’t usually suffer too badly from nerves, but on the first night of Calendar Girls I was literally shaking with fear. In fact I was so nervous I threw a big box of slides that I needed for scene 1 all over the place by opening the box the wrong way round. I then had to spend 15 minutes putting them all back in their places while Tia (playing Cora) sat next to me and calmly painted her nails blue with steady hands, what a pro. Strangely by the last night my nerves had completely gone and I was ripping my clothes off on stage without batting an eyelid. I suppose you can get used to anything!

After each performance we raced straight out to the foyer to do a bucket collection and sell our souvenir calendars for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. We still have a few calendars available but so far we have raised over £1000, which for a short run in a studio theatre is a really impressive amount! A massive thank you to everyone who came to see the production, and who supported the charity by donating afterwards. The theatre group really appreciate your support, and of course so do Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

A merry Calendar Girls Christmas

I've just read that the Grassington Players are releasing their group christmas photograph as a christmas card, what a lovely idea. All the profits from the cards will go to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, find out more on Ruth's post here.


So that's just a snippit of what's going on with our glamorous, brave amateur Calendar Girls. In a town near you this inspiring play is raising awareness of lymphoma, the importance of our research and the story of the original Calendar Girls. Support your local production, buy a ticket and become a part of the story.

If you're appearing in a production of Calendar Girls, come and join the conversation on Facebook.