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Urgent appeal for help this Saturday to witness a world record attempt in Surrey

Ben Sykes
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10 Oct 2013

Could you make it to Thames Ditton on Saturday to certify a world record attempt for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research?

Kingston Grammar School have organised a brilliant record-breaking 48 hour hockey match to raise money for us, but now they need our help. One of their independent invigilators is now unable to make it on Saturday, which would leave the Guinness World Record people unable to certify the world record. The event aims to raise £30,000 for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as well as the same amount to provide the youngsters wth a new hockey field, so it would be very sad if the match was unable to go ahead.

What you need to do

All you need to do is head to Ditton Field, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0RD between 8:30am and 5pm this Saturday (12th October) and sign to say you have witnessed the match to ratify the record. Kingston Grammar School and Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research would be incredibly grateful for your help.

Can you be a witness?

To be a witness you need to be currently involved or previously have been involved in club hockey. You also need to fall into one of the job categories listed below (the same list as those people who are able to sign passports.)

If you fit these criteria and are available, please contact me, Ben Sykes on 020 7504 2263 or email If you can't volunteer but would like to help, please share this urgent request among your friends and family via social media and email to help us spread the net wider and hopefully find the right person! 

To be an invigilator you need to be one of the following:

•          accountant
•          airline pilot
•          articled clerk of a limited company
•          assurance agent of recognised company
•          bank/building society official
•          barrister
•          chairman/director of limited company
•          chiropodist
•          commissioner of oaths
•          councillor (local or county)
•          civil servant (permanent), but not someone who works for Her Majesty’s Passport Office
•          dentist
•          director/manager of a VAT-registered charity
•          director/manager/personnel officer of a VAT-registered company
•          engineer (with professional qualifications)
•          financial services intermediary (eg a stockbroker or insurance broker)
•          fire service official
•          funeral director
•          insurance agent (full time) of a recognised company
•          journalist
•          Justice of the Peace
•          legal secretary (fellow or associate member of the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs)
•          licensee of public house
•          local government officer
•          manager/personnel officer (of a limited company)
•          member, associate or fellow of a professional body
•          Member of Parliament
•          Merchant Navy officer
•          minister of a recognised religion (including Christian Science)
•          nurse (RGN and RMN)
•          officer of the armed services
•          optician
•          paralegal (certified paralegal, qualified paralegal or associate member of the Institute of Paralegals)
•          person with honours (an OBE or MBE, for example)
•          pharmacist
•          photographer (professional)
•          police officer
•          Post Office official
•          president/secretary of a recognised organisation
•          Salvation Army officer
•          social worker
•          solicitor
•          surveyor
•          teacher, lecturer
•          trade union officer
•          travel agent (qualified)
•          valuer or auctioneer (fellows and associate members of the incorporated society)
•          Warrant Officers and Chief Petty Officers

Thank you so much for reading this and for your support.

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