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Waiting for the biopsy results

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02 Dec 2015

Waiting to see if I am ready for my transplant or if I need more chemotherapy.

I had my 10th bone marrow aspiration today. At least The Marsden offers gas and air which makes it a bit more bare able.  Since my last blog, things have changed a little. My medical team want to wait until they can analyse the detailed results of the biopsy which will be back in about two weeks. If I am all clear, I will be ready for my transplant, now scheduled for January 5th.  If not, I'll need another cycle of chemotherapy first. Fingers crossed for a good result.

I might get Christmas at home after all.



Hi Jane,

Only just seen this blog!

Thanks so much for the update and glad to hear that you were offered gas and air with the bone marrow aspirate which I know from my own experiences many moons ago now was never a pleasant experience.

Sorry to hear about the delay to your transplant although I guess in many ways this is a good thing as you'll now, touchwood, get to spend Christmas at home with the family which I know is very important to you especially after missing out already once before.

Best of luck with the chemo and remember that we're here to help you and your family in any way that we possibly can should we ever need anything.


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